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As of 2010, US News reported that more than 25 million Americans were underinsured for healthcare. In 2013, just a week after massive flooding had damaged the homes of thousands of people, many found that they too were underinsured for their property. Having less insurance than you need is a common problem. The real issue is that many people believe their insurance coverage is adequate. Even those who have good insurance are often not as well insured as they believe that they are.

Do you have enough insurance to cover the costs of illness, injury, or property damage today?

Getting a yearly insurance checkup may be as important as getting a checkup for your own health. Kelley Insurance Agency can help. Ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones and guaranteeing their future is just good financial planning. Insurance helps you to assure the financial future of those you care about. Whether it's auto insurance, home and property insurance, life insurance or health insurance, each plays a part in making sure that your family is cared for.


As we all know, many types of insurance are required by law. That does not mean that you should be paying more than you have to for your insurance. We at Kelley Insurance Agency have a good grasp of the types of insurance that are most important to you and can afford you valuable insights into the best type of insurance for your situation, as well as where you can get the best prices, and how much insurance you really need.

The Very Best In Professional Insurance Services

When you purchase your auto, home, or life insurance with Kelley Insurance agency, you get more than a policy to provide for your financial future. You get a friendly and experienced agent who can help you to better understand your insurance options. You get a skilled professional who can help you to select the insurance coverage that is right for you. Kelley Insurance Agency has been working to help the residents of Texas to find the lowest rates available for insurance since 1971. We are your one stop insurance agency for health, life, auto, and property insurance. Kelley Insurance Agency serves Big Sandy, Longview, Gilmer, Tyler, Hawkins and Gladewater, Texas, as well as individuals and businesses throughout the state of Texas. Our staff, consisting of four licensed insurance agents looks forward to hearing from you.


It is our goal at Kelley Insurance Agency to provide you with the right type of insurance. Your coverage should ideally be designed to help you to meet all of life's challenges. Kelley Insurance Agency offers Texas residents the following types of insurance coverage.


Required by many states and municipalities for certain business types, commercial insurance can safeguard your own business and protect your customers. 


Runs a gamut of requirements for every family. With today's lifestyles, we're all accustomed to multiple vehicles and a fairly broad array of other items that need the protection only a good insurance policy can offer them.


 Provides for your family and your loved ones to be able to continue in the event that you are no longer with them. If serious illness or disability should happen, how would they cover their expenses?